Surfer's that perform maneuvers

Your Guide On How To Take The Best Surf Photos

Surfer's that perform maneuvers on beautiful waves are always recognized as photographic inspiration. Each wave will be different and each of the surfers has their own personalized unique styles. You do not have to be an experienced surfer in order to take the best surf photos. However, there are few things you should be aware of before you get started. To begin with, you need to gain an understanding of the surf maneuvers that you should be aiming to capture. For example, there are the nose rides, snaps, bottom turns, barrels, cutbacks, floaters and off-the-lips amongst others. Knowing about the best moment in action is vital.


Making sure you are ready and are able to react quickly in order to capture a maneuver has to be number one on the list on how to take the best surf photos. When a surfer begins to gather speed it is time to start paying attention as they are setting up to make a maneuver. Begin shooting a bit before they actually make the move and continue to shoot for a couple of frames after.

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Telephoto Lens

Use A Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses are an absolute must when it comes to shooting surfing. These lenses will allow you to get up close to the subject along with the compression that these lenses achieve which is outstanding for surfing. It is suggested to have a lens of at least 200mm and surfing is all about action which means you want the images you take to make the greatest impact.

The long lens is better to capture action and will give your photos an intense feel. One of the other great options in lenses would be a 100-400mm as it will allow you to capture the entire wave as they start riding closer to you. If you would like to further advance your photos a 500 or a 600mm lens is recognized as perfect for surfing.

It is also recommended to make use of a monopod as it allows freedom for you to move from one place to another in order to obtain the perfect angle while avoiding the weight and bulk from your lens for extended periods of time.

Use A Fast Camera

The waves might be long, but keep in mind that surf moves are fast. Using a fast camera will be the only method to make sure you are obtaining the images you really want. Some of the ideal choices would be the Canon 7D or the Canon 5D MKII or III. Make sure you have positioned the camera onto burst mode and do not hesitate to hold your shutter-down at an opportune time. It is far better that you are able to delete photos than regretting missing out on the perfect shot.

SLR Camera
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There are various ways to photograph surfing, but there is one constant and that is associated with that good images will only occur when you become creative. This means shooting from a variety of vantage points and angles. You can achieve this by walking along the beach, standing on piers or moving further away or closer to the waterline.